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  • Do your user manuals help to reduce support costs?
    High-technology products demand clear information to users.
    I write clear, usable manuals that will reduce your support costs.
    For software, I can provide on-line Help files, integrated with the user manuals.
  • Are your consultancy reports clear and readable?
    Clients judge your competence by the way your work is presented.
    I work with your technical staff, to produce better reports and save your company's time.
  • Is your sales literature clear and effective?
    I write sharp, clear copy on technical subjects.

What you need is what you'll get

IFWtech isn't a large, impersonal 'writing factory'. You'll get a service that is tailored to your exact requirements. I work by the hour so you only pay me while I'm working for you.

The more technical, the better!

Please don't imagine that "Our work's too technical for an outsider." I'm not only a technical writer - I'm a techie too.

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Check the Project profiles to see the range of 'blue-chip' clients who trust me to handle their technical material with accuracy and in-depth awareness.

Contact IFW Technical Services to discuss your next technical writing project.

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